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How should the alumina crucible be cleaned

2021-11-20 14:47:57    作者:admin
Alumina crucibles are vulnerable and consumable items, but alumina crucibles can also be reused. However, some customers find residues after several times of use, so how should they be cleaned? Today, Longtai Xiaobian will tell you about it. I hope it can help you.
1. Acid bubble: usually soak in nitric acid for a long time and then wash with water;
2. After drying, slowly raise the temperature to 800 ℃ in a high-temperature furnace for 6 hours (note that it needs to be fully heated and baked);
3. After cooling, take it out and use it.
Step 1 is to remove impurities and convert insoluble substances into soluble nitrates for removal; Link 2 is to remove trace nitrate from the crucible (thermal decomposition method): pay attention to the heating rate must not be fast. Clean the ceramic crucible, otherwise the crucible will be mixed with skin (explosive damage).


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