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Development trend of advanced ceramic materials

2021-11-20 14:48:52    作者:admin
The domestic advanced ceramic system has been continuously expanded, and the preparation technology has been continuously enriched and improved. The application fields have also been extended from a single military and aerospace to a broader civil market such as environmental protection, new energy and electronic information. Ceramic materials have also developed from structural ceramics and functional ceramics to structure function integration. In view of the current situation of domestic advanced ceramics, it is still necessary to focus on research and development from several aspects:
1. The basic theoretical research and structural design of ceramic technology need to match the development requirements of application fields for advanced ceramics, and can provide technical support for new systems, new products, new applications and batch transformation;
2. The research and industrialization of ceramic powder technology should break the current situation that high-end powder is still restricted by foreign countries and meet the basic needs of the development of ceramic materials;
3. The research on toughening technology is one of the keys to break through the limitations of the application of advanced ceramics. The strengthening and toughening technology will realize earth shaking changes in the application of advanced ceramics;
4. Reducing the production cost of advanced ceramics is another key factor to break through the limitations of the application of advanced ceramics, especially the development of mass production preparation technology, precision manufacturing technology of production equipment and ceramic precision machining technology will determine the ability of cost reduction;
5. Injection molding, gel injection molding and solid Moldless molding technology will become the molding technology with the most batch application potential. Microwave sintering and spark plasma sintering technology will bring a qualitative leap to the performance of ceramic materials;
Combined with the requirements of the 13th five year plan and the requirements of industrial development, the energy storage ceramics of energy conversion carrier, filter ceramics (membrane) and other functions - Structural integrated ceramics, structural ceramics with excellent comprehensive performance represented by Si3N4, and photoelectric ceramics represented by alon transparent ceramics will become the main force of application and research.
There are more than 300 units engaged in advanced ceramic research in China, with increasingly rich technological accumulation. Units represented by Sinoma high tech materials Co., Ltd., Shanghai Silicate Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tsinghua University have played an important role in promoting the development of advanced ceramics in China in terms of new system research, design and industrialization.
Nowadays, the development of advanced ceramic materials is no longer limited to traditional technology, but is more combined with modern information, automation technology and different materials to form a new technical science (Computational material science, function structure integration, etc.), and a new era for the development of advanced ceramics will come.


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