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Relationship between industrial structural ceramics and func

2021-11-20 14:48:47    作者:admin
Structural ceramics refer to ceramic materials used in various industrial fields to manufacture precision parts in advanced mechanical equipment. Functional ceramics are a kind of spiritual materials. They can either sense light, distinguish smell, store information and show special functions.
1、 Definition of structural ceramics and functional ceramics:
1. Structural ceramics refer to advanced high-tech ceramic products that mainly use their mechanical, mechanical, thermal and some chemical functions. If they can be applied at high temperature, they can be called high-temperature structural ceramics.
2. Functional ceramics refer to advanced ceramic materials and products whose non mechanical properties are mainly used. This kind of materials have one or more functions.
2、 Similarities and differences between structural ceramics and functional ceramics:
1. Structural ceramics: it can be designed into various machining styles and structures by designers according to the actual needs of equipment assembly. It is mainly used at high temperature, also known as high temperature structural ceramics. This kind of ceramics has the advantages of high strength, high hardness, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and ablation resistance at high temperature. It is an important material in the fields of space technology, military technology, atomic energy, industry and chemical equipment. There are many kinds of structural ceramics used in industry, such as ceramic pipe sleeve, ceramic center rod, ceramic roller, lithium battery, ceramic pump, ceramic ring, ceramic plate, petrochemical ceramics, military ceramics and other industries.
2. Functional ceramics: ceramic materials made by using the special functions of ceramics in light, magnetism, electricity, sound, heat and other physical properties are called functional ceramics. Functional ceramics have a wide variety and different uses. For example, according to the difference of common electrical properties, it can be made into electronic materials such as semiconductor ceramics, dielectric ceramics, insulating ceramics and conductive ceramics, which can be used to make capacitors, high temperature and high frequency devices in the electronic industry, etc.
Conclusion: structural ceramics and functional ceramics are not necessarily different materials, but have different pronouns due to the different requirements of the use environment and working conditions, such as "alumina structural ceramics" is also "insulating ceramics", and "zirconia ceramic structural parts" above 500 ° can also be semiconductor ceramics! Many times, as like as two peas, the "structural ceramics" and "functional ceramics" can be exactly the same material. They are different in terms of usage and demand and working conditions.


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