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Introduction to three common forming methods of zirconia cer

2021-11-20 14:48:58    作者:admin
Zirconia ceramics have high melting point and boiling point and high hardness. They are insulators below 500 ° and have excellent properties such as conductivity at high temperature. With the development of the times, zirconia ceramics are gradually widely used in all walks of life. Here are three common forming methods of zirconia ceramics:
1、 Grouting molding
Grouting molding is an earlier molding method for zirconia ceramics. The molding process of grouting molding includes physical dehydration process and chemical condensation process. Physical dehydration removes water from the slurry through the capillary action of porous gypsum mold. The chemical coagulation process is because Ca2 + generated by the dissolution of CaSO4 on the surface of gypsum mold improves the ionic strength in the slurry and causes the flocculation of the slurry. Under the action of physical dehydration and chemical condensation. Ceramic powder particles are deposited on the gypsum mold wall. Grouting molding is suitable for preparing large ceramic parts with complex shape, but the green body quality, including shape, density and strength, is poor, the labor intensity of workers is high, and it is not suitable for automatic operation.
2、 Hot die casting
For products with complex shapes, hot die casting is generally used. Hot die casting is to mix ceramic powder with binder (Paraffin) at higher temperature (60-100 ℃). The slurry for hot die casting is obtained. The slurry is injected into the metal mold under the action of compressed air, cooled under pressure, demoulded to obtain the wax blank. The wax blank is dewaxed under the protection of inert powder to obtain the plain blank. The blank is then sintered into porcelain at high temperature. The green body formed by hot die casting has accurate size, uniform internal structure, small die wear and high production efficiency
3、 Isostatic pressure forming
Isostatic pressing is mainly used in zirconia structural ceramics with special shape and large size. The blank formed by isostatic pressing has uniform pressure in all directions. And the pressure is large, so the green body after forming has high density, good uniformity, small sintering shrinkage, and is not easy to deform, crack and delamination. The forming method can avoid delamination during dry pressing, especially forming thicker zirconia products. Therefore, the forming method is a common method for producing zirconia products. However, the green body after isostatic pressing needs to be processed, so some raw materials will be wasted. At the same time, the green body processing is troublesome, the processing speed is required to be slow, and the production efficiency is not high.


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